For Top-Notch Window Replacement Services in Barrington, IL, and the Surrounding Area, Turn to Home Shield Coating®

If you’re planning a window replacement project for your home in Barrington or a neighboring Illinois community, you won’t find a better partner than Home Shield Coating®. We proudly install beautiful, ultra-durable EnviroView windows that are 

custom-manufactured to fit the openings of our customers’ homes. The windows we install also offer the latest advances in energy efficiency, which can help reduce heat transfer and potentially save customers money on their energy bills.

Here are some of the energy-efficient features of these elegant EnviroView windows that make them ideal window replacement choices for homes in Barrington, IL, and the surrounding area:

  • Glass panes with multiple layers of Low-E coating, which will not only minimize the amount of solar heat that infiltrates your home, but also block 70 percent of the sun’s rays that can cause premature fading of your furniture and flooring
  • An inert gas fill between the panes that’s about 30 percent heavier than air, thus providing exceptional insulation and significantly reducing heat transfer
  • Multi-layer weather stripping to create a tight seal and prevent air infiltration

Of course, increased energy efficiency is only one of the many benefits of our window replacement services. For homeowners who would like to maximize their view of the outdoors and fill their homes with natural light, the EnviroView products we install make an excellent replacement window choice, as they’re manufactured with slender frames that provide up to 20 percent more glass area. However, sleek frames don’t come at the expense of durability. EnviroView windows feature premium frames with an innovative sash-to-sill interlock design, in which the window sash is channeled into the frame for increased strength.

What’s more, our window replacement services are performed by highly experienced and trained installers who always uphold our high standards for quality workmanship. In fact, we’re so confident in the quality of our work that we’ll provide a 30-year Combined Warranty (15 years on labor and 15 years on materials), the most comprehensive warranty in the industry. Plus, we offer a five-year money-back guarantee that entitles the customer to a 50 percent refund of his or her investment if we have to perform more than two repairs in that time period.

For more information about the window replacement services we provide to homeowners in Barrington, IL, and surrounding communities, contact Home Shield Coating® today. Financing for home window replacement is available for those who qualify.