Better than House Painting for Homeowners in Barrington, IL & Surrounding Chicagoland Suburbs: Home Shield Coating® for Truly Long-Lasting Protection

House Painting Barrington ILHouse painting every few years is considered to be a costly but necessary part of maintenance for many homeowners in Barrington, Illinois, and surrounding Chicagoland communities. But it doesn’t have to be that way. When you have Home Shield Coating® apply our specially formulated coating to your home, you’ll enjoy protection that looks like paint but works like armor to shield your home from the elements for decades.

Our proprietary formula incorporates elastomeric acrylic resins and tough ceramic microspheres to produce a blend that originally was developed to provide ultra-durable protection for high-rise buildings and other hard-to-paint exterior surfaces. Whether you live in Barrington, IL, or another nearby area, blanketing your home with this coating will create a flexible shield that stands the test of time far better than house painting. Plus, the highly trained and certified application specialists from Home Shield Coating® will take the following steps to make sure that our coating provides superior protection compared to what you’d get from painting your house:

  • Inspection – We will thoroughly inspect your home’s wood components, caulk, and gutters for signs of deterioration and discuss any need for repairs with you.
  • Preparation – Before applying Home Shield Coating®, we will blast any mold, mildew, or greasy buildup from your home’s exterior surfaces with a turbo spray of trisodium phosphate, bleach, and water, plus scrape and caulk as needed and mask all the windows.
  • Application – Unlike the typical house painting process, we will apply an adhesive bonding agent primer over all of your home’s exterior surface area, which ensures that our home coating will adhere and stay put under any weather conditions. We then will spray on two layers of our fade-resistant coating to make sure you receive a great-looking glaze that provides better and long-lasting protection for your home than standard house painting products.

Moreover, the warranty protection we offer for your investment is unheard of among house painting services: Home Shield Coating® is backed by an exceptional 30-year Combined Warranty (15 years on labor and 15 years on materials), plus a five-year money-back guarantee that entitles the customer to a 50 percent refund of his or her investment if we have to perform more than two repairs in that time period.

To learn more about the advantages of choosing a professional application of this exceptional exterior coating over house painting for your home in Barrington, IL, or a surrounding area, contact Home Shield Coating® today.