Home Shield Coating®

Why Paint Again?

We’ve been asking customers this very question for over 17yrs. There is no need to continue painting or staining the exterior of your property with outdated technology. Home Shield Coating® is designed to be a money saving alternative to painting or staining.

Home Shield Coating® is a tough durable coating that was originally designed to protect the exterior of high-rise buildings, power plants and many other exterior surfaces that require a durable long lasting permanent coating. Home Shield Coating® isn’t sold in stores because special sprayers are required for its application. Home Shield Coating® is available exclusively thru our distribution network. Our installers are skilled craftsmen that are trained and certified in the application of Home Shield Coating® this insures you will get a high quality professional installation. Home Shield Coating® is the only true three-coat exterior coating system available for residential and commercial application. Home Shield Coating® comes with the most comprehensive warranty in the industry a 30-year combined warranty. We are so confident in the longevity and durability of Home Shield Coating® that we even allow you to transfer the unused portion of the warranty to a new homeowner in the event you sell your home. Home Shield Coating® is formulated using elastomeric-acrylic high build resins, formulated with hollow-core ceramic micro spheres, which are suspended in a complex 100% acrylic co-polymer resin. Home Shield Coating® is applied over a complex substrate penetrating tacky bonding agent that offers superior adhesion and binding properties. Home Shield Coating® forms a protective shield that even the harshest hurricane force wind driven rain and weather can’t penetrate!

Home Shield Coating® Uses

Home Shield Coating® is applicable to just about any paintable surface including but not limited to Cedar Siding, Hardie Board, Aluminum Siding, Brick, Wood Siding, Stucco, Dryvit, Asbestos Siding, Fiberglass, Steel and Galvanized Siding etc.

Why you should choose Home Shield Coating®?

  • Tacky Bonding Agent. (Primer)
  • True three coat system.
  • Advanced Nano Technology.
  • Color Stable Technology.
  • 1500 Different Color Options.
  • Custom Color Matching Available.
  • Available in Designer Colors.
  • Durable 100% acrylic co-polymer coating.
  • Formulated with ceramic micro-spheres.
  • Reduces noise transmission.
  • Stays permanently flexible.
  • Allows home to breath.
  • Saves on Energy cost.
  • 14 to 17 times thicker than house paint.
  • Abrasion & Impact Resistant.
  • Will not peel, chip or flake.
  • Freeze-thaw resistant.
  • Mold & Mildew resistant.
  • Environmentally Safe.
  • 30yr Combined Warranty

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Q & A

Why doesn’t paint stick to my house?

A look into paint’s history will show you that the main reason paint would last over 10 years prior to 1978 was because it contained lead. But in 1978 the use of lead in paint became illegal in the United States. It has since been difficult, to find a substitute that would work as good at helping paint stick. Today’s non-lead based paint products last 3 to 5 years on average. This is why most paint contractors offer a 1 to 2 year warranty. In the 21st century, paint still remains a formidable moneymaker for paint manufacturers bringing in roughly $22.1 billion dollars in 2011 alone. A good portion of that amount was from REPEAT business.

Is Home Shield Coating® a new product?

No, Permanent coatings have been used commercially for many years in different applications such as to protect high-rise buildings, industrial plants etc. Permanent coatings are used primarily where a long lasting protective coating is needed. Permanent coatings have made their way into the residential housing market. As the cost of painting keeps rising it’s no longer practical to continue painting a house every 3 to 5 years.

Is Home Shield Coating® available in different colors?

Yes, Home Shield Coating® is available in any of 1500 different colors this ensures your home will have a UniQue color scheme.

What’s covered by the 30yr Combined Warranty?

Home Shield Coating® is guaranteed not to crack, chip, peel or blister for a period of 30yrs, the most comprehensive warranty in the industry. We are so confident in Home Shield Coating® that we offer an industry exclusive 5yr Money Back Guarantee. This is our unwavering commitment to quality and to providing our customers with peace of mind.

Is the Warranty Transferable?

Yes, the warranty is transferable in the event you sell your property.

Do I need to make repairs prior to having Home Shield Coating® applied?

No, Every install crew has a carpenter ready to replace or repair anything that isn’t up to our high standards.

How does Home Shield Coating® last for 30yrs when my paint jobs last 3 to 5 years?

The secret is the highly adhesive surface penetrating bonding agent primer that dries and remains tacky. Over the tacky bonding agent we apply two coats of Home Shield Coating®. This creates a permanent bond that will easily withstand the test of time.

“Looks Like Paint Protects Like Armor”

The gentlemen, George and his crew that did the work were excellent. Highly recommend that crew to anyone that has their house done.
Loved the crew. very helpful. courteous. They answered questions and did touch ups as requested. went above and beyond to make sure everything looked perfect before they called the job done.
Everything was done well in a timely matter when the weather cooperated. Crew was nice and helpful and easy to communicate with. Happy with all the work done.
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