The name Home Shield Coating® started being used in 1999 to introduce a high grade commercial coating system to the residential painting market. We could no longer ignore the fact that today’s residential, non-lead based paint products were being designed to last 3 to 5 years on average. This is why most paint contractors offer a 1 to 2-year warranty. In 2011, the residential paint industry was bringing in $22.1 billion-dollars. A good portion of that amount was from REPEAT business.



Consumers were ready to hear more about a permanent coating system that would save them money long term. Home Shield Coating® was the solution to a lot of homeowner’s problems and became an immediate success. We quickly became cedar siding experts since cedar homes were having to be re-painted every five years. We also applied Home Shield Coating® to Aluminum Siding, Hardie Board, Stucco, Wood, Brick and almost any paintable surface other than Decks.

Customer’s that were happy with what we did on their homes started inquiring about Home Shield Coating® for their commercial properties. Our response was simple – don’t let our name fool you. Prior to 1999, earlier versions of Home Shield Coating® were used solely to coat and protect the exterior of Military Bases, Power Plants and High-Rise Buildings. So YES! We still do commercial projects like Condos, Town Homes, Churches, Office Buildings, Warehouses, Factories, Hangers, Metal Buildings etc. Give us an opportunity to bid on your commercial project contact us today!