HSC Series Windows® come with the latest advances in technology and every window is engineered to last a lifetime. HSC Series Windows® are manufactured in either double or triple pane glass they come available in Double Hung, Casement, Slider, Awning, Bay’s and Bow’s. HSC Series Windows® are custom made to fit your home perfectly! HSC Series Windows® Come with a Lifetime Warranty, which includes glass breakage. HSC Series Windows® are available in 12 exterior colors.

Model 210R-10 -Triple Pane

HSC Series Windows® Model #210R-10 starts off with thick walls of vinyl in a multi-cavity frame. HSC features like interlocking sashes, multi weather stripped frames and easy draining slopped sills provide maximum defense against air and water infiltration. For the absolute maximum glass insulation three panes of glass two of which are coated with Titanium Low-E and spaced together using Super Spacer® Premium are used. The space between each pane of glass is filled using 95% Krypton Gas to reach the pinnacle in insulating glass values. Our Model 210R-10 have an R-10 rating, which is the highest rating received in the industry. This simply translates to lower energy costs.

Model 211WH-10 -Triple Pane / Wood Hybrid

HSC Series Windows® Model 211WH-10 are similar to the 210R-10 model but have a wooden oak interior finish.

Hybrid Wood Windows are the perfect choice for those people that want a wood window with out the wood rot. These are Vinyl windows with an interior oak wood overlay. They look like wood they feel like wood they paint and stain like wood because they’re wood.

You can paint them to the interior color of your choice or stain them to match the existing wood trim.