• Home Shield Coating®

    Home Shield Coating® is a money saving alternative to continually
    re-painting or re-staining. Learn how we can help you protect your
    home from time and the elements.

  • HSC Windows & Doors®

    HSC Windows & Doors® come with the latest advances in
    technology and every product is engineered to last a lifetime.
    HSC Windows & Doors® come with a Lifetime warranty,
    which includes glass breakage. Learn more.

  • Fast-Flow Gutters®

    After 15 years of working on homes with gutter protection systems
    that simply weren’t working, we decided to come up with a system
    that would get the job done.

  • Roof Shield Coating®

    Roof Shield Coating® is a specially formulated 100% acrylic high build
    elastomeric roof coating that utilizes new technologies in the
    use of ceramic microspheres. Its unique formulation provides
    unsurpassed quality and performance, significantly improving
    thermal and insulating properties by reflecting approximately
    90% of the suns UV rays.

Welcome to Home Shield Coating

We specialize in making the exterior of your home 100% maintenance-free for as long as you live in your home. Our Home Shield Coating® “looks like paint protects like armor”. This tough, indestructible coating was developed for high-rise buildings. You can rest assured that this durable coating will easily withstand the test of time. Our windows are designed with energy efficiency, quality and durability in mind. All our products from gutters to roofing are engineered to make your life easier and to beautify your home.

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  • Home Shield Coating®

    Home Shield Coating® is designed to be a money saving alternative to painting or staining. Home Shield Coating® is a tough durable coating that was originally designed to protect the exterior of high-rise buildings, power plants and many other exterior surfaces that require a durable long lasting permanent coating. Home Shield Coating® isn’t sold in stores because special sprayers are required for its application. Home Shield Coating® is available exclusively through our dealer network. Our installers are skilled craftsmen that are trained and certified in the application of Home Shield Coating® this insures you will get a high quality professional installation.

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  • Fast Flow Gutters®

    Most homeowners don't really spend a lot of time thinking about their gutters, but understanding their importance may prevent costly home repair bills. For example, did you know that most foundation cracks and basement flooding is caused primarily by defective gutters? If you’re getting water in your basement have your gutters checked; they may need to get repaired or replaced. This should be the first thing done before you get into an expensive waterproofing project. Most the time the correct size gutter working properly will stop basement seepage. When gutters aren't functioning properly, rainwater runs off the roof and collects on the ground near the foundation.

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  • HSC Windows & Doors®

    HSC Windows & Doors® come with the latest advances in technology and every product is engineered to last a lifetime.

    HSC Windows & Doors® are manufactured in either double or triple pane glass they come available in Double Hung, Casement, Slider, Awning, Bay’s and Bow’s.

    HSC Windows & Doors® are custom made to fit your home perfectly! HSC Windows & Doors® Come with a Lifetime Warranty, which includes glass breakage.

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